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Jolly Cottage: Keeping designs in character

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

It's important when starting this type of design work that proper consideration is made to the changes being made to the property to ensure that the character of the property is not adversely affected. We want to firstly ensure that the proposal meets the brief set out by the client but also pay attention to what will or won't be acceptable to the planning authorities, who always have one eye on maintaining the character of the original dwelling.

Interestingly, with this project there were eight other almost identical semi-detached properties together along one side of the road, which all except the first two (this being one) had some form of extension. Be it a single storey, two storey or even loft conversion so there were a number of similar examples to review albeit none of the other property extensions had been executed in a way that were inline with its true character. Therefore, it was important to bring a sense of tradition to this design, but also integrate modern touches where appropriate.

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