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Jolly Cottage: Bringing a Victorian Cottage into 21st Century

The Victorians were great at many things but when it comes to Victorian two bed semi-detached properties I'm pretty sure that there won't be an upstairs bathroom. Now in certain circumstances this is fine, but when there's a baby on the way the need for an upstairs bathroom, no matter how small was essential. This was one of the main reasons behind the design changes to Jolly Cottage, a simple two story semi built in 1881.

The kitchen was a galley style coming off the dining area of an open plan living/dining room. Through the kitchen, which was really more of a corridor, you would arrive at the main bathroom. When I say bathroom I mean bath room because half of the room was bath! The rest of the room had about enough space for a sink, a toilet and somewhere to stand in between. Not an ideal space adjacent to the kitchen. This was another area to reconfigure so that the kitchen could be an independent kitchen not a corridor and a bathroom, well let's just say had more than just a bath in it...

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